Re: SRI, cache validation and ServiceWorkers

On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 2:14 PM, Hill, Brad <> wrote:

> Folks, just a quick note on venue here.
> While WebAppSec is developing the Subresource Integrity document, it's
> still just a First Public Working Draft.  It's got a ways to go yet before
> we see even a first experimental implementation.
> Whether and how to apply it to ServiceWorker, when it is ready, is a task
> for the WebApps WG (
> WebAppSec can build a mechanism with lots of interesting potential uses,
> but we can't force anyone else to use it.  I think that this discussion
> belongs properly homed with WebApps, perhaps cc:ing this list if there are
> requirements for SRI that come out of it.
> Thanks,
> Brad Hill

Apologies. I thought this would be an appropriate venue. I'll take further
discussion to the Service Worker GitHub repo.

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