Re: [MIX]: Move specifics to a non-normative section/document? (Re: "Mixed Content" draft up for review.)

On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 5:29 PM, Brian Smith <> wrote:

> You and I already seem to agree that BEACON and <a ping> should be blocked
> and I haven't heard anybody suggest otherwise, so let's remove them from the
> list. Now, I would guess that there is not much existing <track> or
> <picture>/<srcset> content either, so I think we could probably block those
> now without any significant compatibility impact. And, I wouldn't be
> surprised if we were to find that there is very little <audio> mixed content
> either. So, why not just start blocking all of those right away too?

I would like that.

> Then, potentially the only things that wouldn't be blocked by default would
> be <img> and <video>. If that were to become the case soon, and we also
> agree we're going to block all new kinds of mixed content by default, then
> the old active vs. passive distinction would be more confusing than helpful,
> since it would have basically no relation to how we ultimately decide why
> mixed content <img> and <video> are not blocked but other kinds of mixed
> content (even things that have the same security considerations like
> <picture>) are blocked.

I think active vs. passive is still meaningful, and although somewhat
confusing, the "legacy vs. new" distinction would/should/could go a
long way toward explaining the discrepancy.

(He said, as a "relentlessly optimistic" USA-ian)

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