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Right Mike, agreed on all fronts.  I'll quiet down.  Draft looks good to me.


On 06/11/2014 11:57 PM, Mike West wrote:
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>     Ok, sure, but I wanted to mention it to avoid ending up with a spec
>     that is incompatible with that future.
> The spec currently defines the `rel='noreferrer'` attribute as
> overriding the page's referrer policy for a specific navigation. I don't
> think there's any reason that we couldn't define similar attributes
> which would override the page's referrer policy for other types of
> resource requests (even going in the other direction:
> `rel='alwaysreferrer'`?).
> I'd agree with Brad, though, that it's probably best to just get this
> out the door after ensuring that it accurately describes user agent's
> current behavior. There's plenty of time to invent new behavior once we
> have these basics pinned down in a way we generally agree upon.
>     If we want to do something smarter than reverting to Never, would it
>     make sense to rank the states and when resolving conflicts, pick the
>     highest-ranked one?   Just a thought.  Maybe another future-destined
>     idea.
> The current spec is pretty draconian in its conflict-handling, granted.
> It's not entirely clear what a reasonable ordering of states would be,
> however. For instance, is "Origin" higher or lower than "None When
> Downgrade"?
> An alternative would be to just let the last-set policy win. That might
> have some advantages for single-page apps, as the current behavior locks
> an app into one referrer policy forever. It's certainly imaginable that
> an app built upon pushState, etc might want different referrer policy
> for different pieces of the app. *shrug*
> I'd like to support those kinds of use cases. I'm not sure I want to do
> that in the first version of the document. :)
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