CfC to publish a LCWD of CSP 1.1

Hello, lovely Webappsecians,

Over the last week or two, I've landed some changes to the spec which (I
hope) resolve the outstanding issues folks have raised since I last asked
about moving to last call (in January[1]). The remaining open issues on
both GitHub and the webappsec tracker are targeting CSP 1.2, which I'd like
to get started on once CSP 1.1 is safely on it's way out the door.

I think CSP 1.1 is ready to move on; I'd like to see if the group agrees,
hence this Call for Consensus to move to Last Call. Best case, you all
agree. Hooray! Worst case, this is a forcing function for all of you to
note the things you consider blockers, which is also a good outcome. :)

Please read through the current draft, up for review at, and send
comments to Positive feedback is encouraged.

This CfC will end at our next scheduled call (June 18th, 2014).


The only major issue raised between January and now was covered in the long
thread concerning redirects and paths (and, tangentially, all of CSP's
reporting) that started at [2]. The resolution proposed in the draft is the

* After a redirect, the path component of source expressions is ignored, as
noted in

* Redirects are blocked by default: authors must opt-in to enabling
redirects (which must still match directives' source list) via the new
'unsafe-redirect' source expression:

* Reporting does not include the origin of a redirect's target, but only
the origin of the originally requested URL.

I believe this is a reasonable set of compromises for CSP 1.1, does the
working group agree? Are there additional issues that need to be resolved
before LC which shouldn't be punted to CSP 1.2? Now's the time to speak up!


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