Re: Heads up: proposal moving test repos to GitHub

On Tue, 29 Jan 2013 19:23:15 +0100, <> wrote:
> Odin,
> This sounds good.

Man, you shouldn't reply to the heads up. It fragments the discussion, and
it was also sent to all of public-webappsec, public-webapps-testsuite and
public-webappsec-testsuite. :-)

Anyway, what Robin said was right. I also made a small wiki page
explaining how it might work for us;

Yeah-yeah it says webapps, but we're all one big happy family, are we not?
:-) Anyway, having one test repository for "web platform" specs will be a
big boon in how easy it is to promote the repo/point at it. We can say,
wanna fix CORS? Go to <repo>.  Wanna fix IndexedDB? Go to <repo>.  Where
<repo> is always the same. Nice.

I recommend everyone to read up on the discussion at public-webapps,
here's the thread:

I'm sorry I couldn't be at the meeting yesterday, I wanted to, but I was
totally fatigued and fell asleep before it started. :-o

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