Re: CORS test status

The testrunner includes all opera tests from js/. That had become a dumping ground of sorts. I've probably messed up some of the resource files while fixing other parts. And I know some of the tests are just not correct any more.

I started a folder called staging where I've done a review of the tests and also have done them at a bit higher standard hopefully. Of course I was quickly distracted and have been doing other stuff since. I feel bad neglecting them like this but I will be going to Test the Web Forward in Paris and that'll be an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time on the CORS tests :)
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On 25.09.12 20:42 Boris Zbarsky wrote:

On 9/25/12 2:38 PM, Toni Ruottu wrote:
> So the test is useful

Possibly. If this is not covered by other tests in the test suite already.

> Do we also need another test that sends valid headers with the preflight?

That's supposed to be the point of this test, I would think, yes.


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