Re: unsafe-inline for style-src

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 11:34 AM, Hill, Brad <> wrote:
>> 2) Phishing.  If an attacker can inject elements into a page with arbitrary style,
>> the attacker can completely change the appearance of the page and, for
>> example, make the page show a login screen.  This attack is more powerful
>> than a traditional phishing attack because the browser's location bar will still
>> show the URL of the real web site (including any EV indicators or whatnot).
>> To mitigate this risk, we need to block both <style> and @style.
> [Hill, Brad] Is this really an in-scope goal?
> It seems to me that phishing would actually be more effective if it re-used the existing styles available with the genuine content than if it tried to create new styles.

Typically an attacker will want to use position:absolute and wacky
z-index to position his or her content above the site's genuine
content.  It's possible that the page has styles lying around that
will do that, but most pages won't.


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