Re: CSP and inline styles

Oh, one more thing.  This came up earlier in this thread:

 > For cross-origin CSS loads, browsers now require either that (1) the
 > style sheet has the proper MIME type or (2) the style sheet parses
 > without errors.  In an ideal world, we'd require (1) all the time,
 > but adding (2) was necessary to make the change compatible with the
 > web. We can check with Chris, but my understanding is that every
 > browser does this now, including IE.

Gecko does (1), period.  See and in general 
the discussion in that bug for why.

We have not had a single compatibility problem reported about this that 
I know of in the 2+ years since we started shipping that behavior.

So I think we can in fact require (1) all the time if we want to.


Received on Tuesday, 23 October 2012 21:17:16 UTC