Re: some further Comments on Content Security Policy 1.0 Editor's Draft

 >> understood. In any case, the spec is silent about parsing errors AFAICT
 >> (yes?).  Mentioning them (in the framework section), and their ramifications
 >> would be a good idea it seems.
 > There isn't a notion of a parse error in the spec.  There's the set of
 > strings that servers ought to generate and a requirements for how user
 > agents must interpret every possible input.

Ok, thx, if i understand correctly, directive value tokens that don't match the 
source-expression ABNF is ignored by the "parse a source list" algorithm and is 
simply not added  to the resultant set of source expressions in step 3.

So for CSP 1.0, if one has a directive with a value like so..


..which doesn't match any source-expression grammar, the directive would be 
equivalent to..


..which appears to have the same effect as having..

    script-src 'none'



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