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webappsec-ISSUE-11: Violation report privacy issues

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Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 16:41:33 +0000
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webappsec-ISSUE-11: Violation report privacy issues


Raised by: Brad Hill
On product: 

Section 4.11 of Content Security Policy:

To send a violation report, the user agent must use an algorithm equivalent to the following:

1.Prepare a dictionary violation dictionary with the following keys and values: 

request    HTTP request line of the protected resource whose policy was violated including method, URI and HTTP version

request-headers        HTTP request headers sent with the request for the protected resource whose policy was violated

blocked-uri   URI of the resource that was prevented from loading due to the policy violation

violated-directive   The policy directive that was violated

original-policy       The original policy as received by the user-agent. If the policy was received via more than one Content Security Policy response header, this field must contain a comma separated list of original policies

Issue:  We might need to change some of these keys because they can leak sensitive information.
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