RE: W3C WebAppSec WG Meeting (regrets)

am traveling on family vactn this week, regrets wrt call tomorerow. will miss call in two weeks also, so will join the meeting after that. happy holidays, thanks, 


From: Hill, Brad []
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 10:31 AM
Cc:; Brandon Sterne; Eugene Bobukh; Ware, Ryan R; Jacob Rossi; Peleus Uhley; ???
Subject: W3C WebAppSec WG Meeting
When: Occurs on Tuesday every other week from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM effective 11/22/2011. (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Where: +1.617.761.6200; PIN 92794 ('WASWG') and  #webappsec on

(re-sending to include new WG members)

+1.617.761.6200; PIN 92794 ('WASWG') and  #webappsec on

(Or VoIP via the Zakim SIP bridge:

WebAppSec WG members, our regular meetings will be alternating Tuesdays from 14:00-15:00 PST.  Please join both the voice and IRC sessions.

Based on our poll ( this was the time that worked for the most participants, though unfortunately  not all.

Eric and I will send out the agenda ahead of every call, and well use a rotating assignment for scribe duties.


-Brad Hill

Scribe Instructions and IRC Quick Reference (IRC channel = #webappsec;

The W3C uses several automated tools for assisting the scribing process on IRC: Zakim, RRSAgent and trackbot.

For additional info, visit:,, and
Scribe's Beginning of Meeting Checklist:
If not already present, invite bots to the channel (#<channel name>)
Please confirm: Zakim is present. If not, /invite zakim
RRSAgent is present. If not, /invite rrsagent
trackbot is present. If not, /invite trackbot
Enter the following information:
zakim, this is 92794
rrsagent, begin
Meeting: <name> (WebAppSec WG TPAC2011 F2F [Oct 31|Nov 1] 2011)
Chair: <Person's name> (bhill2, ekr)
Agenda: <link to the agenda> (TPAC2011:
Scribe: <Person's name>
ScribeNick: <IRC nick>
zakim, who is here?     Scribe's End of Meeting Checklist:
zakim, list attendees
RRSAgent, set logs public-visible
RRSAgent, make minutes
Preliminary minutes are sent to<group name>/meeting/yyyy-mm-dd
Copy IRC log and generate preview.
Go to minutes URL (provided by RRSAgent), download and edit minutes as necessary.
Send to<> and I will have the finished minutes published.

During the meeting:
Record what someone says:  <name>: <text>     (bhill2: this agent stuff is cool)
Shortcut for same speaker:   <more text>         (...but Im glad I have a cheat-sheet)
*   ACTION: [name ActionText  DueDate] (ACTION: bhill2 to update irc quickref due Friday)

PROPOSED: [info]

RESOLVED: [info]

zakim, bhill is bhill2

zakim, mute me

zakim, unmute me

zakim, who is talking?  (to detect noisy people on the phone bridge)

zakim, mute <name>  (force mute if said noisemaker isnt paying attention)

Topic: [info]

subtopic: [info]

correction syntax: s/seplling/spelling/

present+ [name] (to add late arrivals)

present- [PhoneCode] (to remove coded IDs)

regrets+ [name] for last minute regrets

rrsagent, pointer? (gives location of IRC log)

zakim, choose a victim (randomly assigns a task to a participant)
Managing the question/discussion queue (for everyone, not just the scribe)
*   q+ (puts you in the speaker queue)

q- (remove yourself from the speaker queue)

q+ <name>, q- <name> (add or remove someone else from speaker queue)

q? (who is on the queue)

close the queue

open the queue

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