Re: Limiting new members emails

as a complete “passive observer” of webPlat.
This together with publications’ announces and sometimes questions, and my small little world of GitHub issues… That’s far from making me feel overwhelmed and I rather appreciate to see the name of new actors!
Maybe one should request a more detailed presentation (e.g. what specialisation) and a more detailed expectations description… But sure I cannot require that!


> On 01 May 2017, at 14:03, Léonie Watson <> wrote:
> On 01/05/2017 06:50, Marcos Caceres wrote:
>> Hi Web Platform WG Chair,
>> In the interest of reducing email noise, I'd like to request that the
>> Chairs stop sending new member announcements to the list. Although
>> it's lovely that people introduce themselves, etc. what is more
>> valuable is that new members get up to speed on how to best contribute
>> (on Github! ❤️).
> Thanks Marcos.
> Helping new members actively contribute is definitely valuable. We send each new member pointers to useful information like our work mode, pub status (which includes links to all Github repos), and encourage them to contribute - or ask questions if they're not sure where to start.
> We also welcome them to the official WG list because, as you note, it's a lovely thing to do. It also helps existing WebPlat members discover people with knowledge that is useful to the work being done - and enabling them to reach out to new members to encourage them to contribute to a particular spec or activity.
> So although it creates a few additional emails, it feels like something worth doing in the interests of making people feel welcome and helping them find ways to actively contribute on Github.
> Léonie
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