Pre-announcement of CR for CSS 2.2 & request for reviews

Hello chairs, hello APA WG, I18n WG, SVG WG, TT WG and WP WG,

The CSS WG plans to publish a CR for the 2nd revision of CSS level 2 
("CSS2 2.2"). To enable wide review of the document, we're asking

   1) if any groups have constraints on the period for the CR review, and
   2) if any groups have unsent comments on the current WD.

The "To" list of this message includes the groups that I think are most 
likely to have comments. But, of course, we welcome comments from all 

The current plan is to request publication as CR some time in January. 
And we'll probably want the document to be in CR for at least three 

As currently planned, the CR will be the same as the last WD.

The document as a whole is long, but there is actually not very much to 
review. In fact, the document is the same as the current Recommendation 
for CSS level 2 except for 30 changes, corresponding to the 30 errata on 
the last Recommendation. We would like reviews of those changes. They are 
all listed in the Changes section:

For the CSS WG,
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