Re: Art steps down - thank you for everything

Thank you Art.

You carried out this group and community over so many years.

Your first email to the AC was entitled "Just say NO?" as a response to 
a proposal from W3C. It will take a while for me to realize you won't be 
standing and come to the microphone to challenge us as you used to do 
for so many years.


On 01/28/2016 10:45 AM, Chaals McCathie Nevile wrote:
> Hi folks,
> as you may have noticed, Art has resigned as a co-chair of the Web
> Platform group. He began chairing the Web Application Formats group
> about a decade ago, became the leading co-chair when it merged with Web
> APIs to become the Web Apps working group, and was instrumental in
> making the transition from Web Apps to the Web Platform Group. (He also
> chaired various other W3C groups in that time).
> I've been very privileged to work with Art on the webapps group for so
> many years - as many of you know, without him it would have been a much
> poorer group, and run much less smoothly. He did a great deal of work
> for the group throughout his time as co-chair, efficiently, reliably,
> and quietly.
> Now we are three co-chairs, we will work between us to fill Art's shoes.
> It won't be easy.
> Thanks Art for everything you've done for the group for so long.
> Good luck, and I hope to see you around.
> Chaals

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