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Shadow DOM and custom elements are different features. You may have had better luck bringing that up at the shadow DOM meeting which already happened several months ago.

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Closed shadow DOM and its impact on test automation and auditing is also a very important issue.


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Hi all,

A bit ago Jan put together an initial draft of the "contentious bits" for custom elements, in preparation for our January F2F. Today I went through and expanded on the issues he put together, with the result at It morphed into a kind of agenda for the meeting, containing "Previously contentious bits", "Contentious bits", "Other things to work out", and "Other issues worth mentioning".

It would be lovely if other vendors could take a look, and fill in anything they think is missing, or correct any inaccuracies.

Over all I'm pretty optimistic that we've narrowed this down to a small set of issues and will be able to make progress at the F2F.

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