Re: [pointerlock] Oct 2015 Pointer Lock Status

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Scheib <>, 2015-10-23 13:57 -0700:
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> Pointer lock reached Candidate Recommendation in Dec 2013. [CR]
> ...
> Testharness tests are not currently able to test the core Pointer Lock
> features, which would require user gesures (mouse clicks) and synthesizing
> mouse movement. No progress is seen here for this specification, but the
> challenge is present for several. E.g. Web Bluetooth brought up this
> concern recently [Platform Testing] on public-test-infra, but with no
> response. I have requested Jeffrey Yasskin and Sam Uong from Chrome to
> discuss this topic at TPAC.

I chatted briefly with Jeffrey about this on IRC just now and I know there
was also related discussion about it at the TPAC face-to-face meeting of
the group working on the WebDriver spec (with Jeffrey and Sam in attendance
for that discussion).

To make the needed WebDriver integration into testharness.js happen, the
main thing we have been lacking for more than year or so now is an engineer
committed to spending the weeks of time (say, three months) needed to do
the actual hands-on work of designing it and implementing it and landing it.

Hopefully we may finally now be reaching the point where we have critical
mass of people who need to see it happen sooner rather than later.


Michael[tm] Smith

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