[Web Components] proposing a f2f...


it would be good to have a face to face meeting, and wrap up loose ends.  
At the TPAC meeting times suggested were December and late January.

If people want to do it soon, we should probably aim for December, which  
means finding a date and host. The assumption is that we will be meeting  
around the Bay Area...

I would propose a day between 10 and 14 December as a starting point  
(based on my own availability - as one of the few people traveling  

If you cannot make a date in that window, or think we need a meeting  
later, and want to make a counter suggestion, please do so. If you can  
make it, please let me know - I am trying to get a quick sense before  
calling for a host and agreement on a particular dateā€¦

I hope we can get people settling a rough time-frame very fast, to provide  
adequate notice for people who need to organise travel.



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