[manifest] Status

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On October 22, 2015 at 6:32:44 PM, Arthur Barstow (art.barstow@gmail.com) wrote:
> what,  if anything, is blocking the spec's progression;

No blockers. Just waiting on implementations. 

> what, if anything,  do you need from the group/staff/chairs to help the spec make progress; 

Not much... reviews, comments, PRs etc. are always nice tho. 

> what is the status and plan for the test suite; what is the rough timeline  
> for the next publication; 

The spec is auto published whenever we commit stuff. However, if you mean, "when will it progress to CR?", I would hope sometime next year. Chrome already implements the spec, and Gecko too... we should hopefully see it being used in Gecko-based products in Q1 2015 (fingers crossed!).  

> what data in [PubStatus] needs to be updated;  
> etc.


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