[admin] Web Platform WG is the new WebApps

Hi All,

On October 10, the consortium formerly started the Web Platform WG 
[Charter] thus terminating WebApps.

My expectation is this change will have little to no impact on any work 
started in WebApps. That said, please note the charter indicates 
WebApps' less developed specs (f.ex. the Editing specs) need some 
"incubation" before they may proceed on the Recommendation track. 
However, that was effectively how WebApps operated so I don't see this 
as a change - a spec still needs implementation commitments before 
advancing to the later Recommendation stages.

The WPWG's "work mode" is documented in [WorkMode]. The group will 
continue the use of existing Github repos and mail lists for all 
technical work (new spec repos will be created if/when needed). Github 
will be used for bug/issue tracking (although a small number of WebApps' 
specs will continue to use Bugzilla, at least for a while). The group 
will continue the use of existing IRC channels (f.ex. #webapps).

The WPWG has its own Github repo [Github] and the group will not use 
W3C's wiki. (Only a small number of WebApps' Editors actively use W3C 
wiki documents (primarily IDB v2 features, Pointer Lock v2 features, 
Gamepad v2 features, and D3E) and I will work with those Editors to move 
their relevant wiki information to their spec's repo.)

To formally participate in WPWG, please ask your AC rep to register you 
via [Register] and if you are a member of WebApps as an Invited Expert, 
you must submit a new IE application [IE].

If you have any questions, concerns, etc., please let us know.

-Thanks, @AFBarstow

[Charter] <http://www.w3.org/2015/10/webplatform-charter.html>
[WorkMode] <https://github.com/w3c/WebPlatformWG/blob/gh-pages/WorkMode.md>
[Github] <https://github.com/w3c/WebPlatformWG>
[Register] <https://www.w3.org/2004/01/pp-impl/83482/join>
[IE] <https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/ieapp/>

Received on Monday, 12 October 2015 12:23:00 UTC