Re: RfC: Service Workers and "Portable Web Publications for the Open Web Platform"

On Mon, 5 Oct 2015 at 13:00 Arthur Barstow <> wrote:

> The IG welcomes discussion and feedback during their October 19
> conference call (if interested, please contact Tzviya) and/or during

I'm happy to take part in this from a service worker point of view, if
timezones add up. What time is it?

> Although WebApps meets on Monday and Tuesday and the IG meets on
> Thursday and Friday, if there is interest in a joint meeting, my
> understanding is that some set of IG members can meet during WebApps'
> meeting (see agenda at [3] for open slots).

I'm happy to attend either of IG meets, and I intend to be at the the
WebApps meeting on Monday.

Happy to meet informally too!

> Alex, Jake, Jungkee - perhaps you could meet with some of the IG members
> during the October 27 Service Worker meeting. WDYT?

I think we're already over subscribed on the 27th, would meeting on the
dates around that be enough? Happy to make time on evenings if need be.

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