Re: PSA: Web Components vs Extract Widget patent

FYI, the gists have been moved (and somewhere componentized) here: "Extract Widget" Patent FR2962237 -
Process to create an application of gadget type incorporated into a
container of widget type" "Patent FR2962237 - Main claim, scope
and applications" "Polymer vs Extract Widget patent -
Code comparison" "Components model comparison with the

Le 16/06/2015 01:27, Aymeric Vitte a écrit :
> We have made a comparison between the Components model and the patent
> here:
> From the end-2011 Components Model we have added some
> properties/thoughts/proposals from the patent and our past projects.
> Each time we read something about the components subject that's
> obviously related to the patent, and will end-up filling all of the
> claims of the patent, for example "server side rendering" (that we
> "discovered" while writing this gist reading the 'Custom Elements:
> is=""' thread), which we called in the gist "Virtualization" and
> "virtual rendering" is part of the claims of the patent, that would be
> funny to hear that this was existing before.
> So it's useless to continue writing to describe the evidence, the gists
> will be surely more useful for further uses, because, unfortunately, it
> seems like we are not on the way to reach an agreement since six months
> today, we did not get any answer/feedback since the (unexpected and
> curious) public disclosure of this, so we will do what we have to do and
> probably go to litigation.

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