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This is one of those semantics rabbit-holes that I request we avoid. The term webapp is well-known (>5m hits on google in the common forms “webapp” “web app”, etc).
In comparison, “web page” is probably a more amorphous and anachronistic term and provides less valuable context for the user/developer of specs. The web is a distributed application framework. In “modern” terms it serves apps that are implemented using web tech (the essential meaning of “webapp”).

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I filed an issue regarding the term webapp:


On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 7:52 PM, Michael van Ouwerkerk <<>> wrote:
Indeed, the spec is currently inconsistent about registrations. The current intention is to have one per ServiceWorkerRegistration (i.e. per service worker). See for more details and discussion:

The term webapp does seem a bit odd to me. It's really just a web page. Is there a reusable concept I can link to for that?


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> They do define it in the spec at least[1], but I don't see how it can
> mean both things.
> [1]

That's not a definition that means anything. As I said, it's not grounded.


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