Re: Service worker popup (rich notification)

On the one hand, there are some great use cases for this (video calls,
alarm clocks, two-factor authentication, sending a map from desktop to
mobile before you leave the house, etc).

On the other hand, browsers have traditionally had to block popups except
following a user gesture, and it's easy to imagine that an API for showing
popups from the background after some time delay (e.g. push or background
sync) would be abused (for spam or even phishing).

So I guess this is something we'll want to support eventually, but it's
blocked on coming up with clear UI for safely granting and revoking
permission to show popups from the background.

API-wise, you probably know that the ServiceWorkerClient interface
a SW focus existing same-origin tabs or open new ones (by constructing a
client; perhaps confusingly). But at least in the short term, we've been
planning to only allow that from a notificationclick event (i.e. following
a user gesture).


On 2 October 2014 09:04, Anne van Kesteren <> wrote:

> I wonder how much thought has been given to creating a popup (rich
> notification if you will) from a service worker. Combined with the
> push API this is what will enable e.g. Skype to cease being a native
> application. There's also some potential other uses for this.
> --

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