Cordova and w3c spec Algnment - Vibration Gap Analysis

Cordova and w3c teams~

Last week Dom (from w3c) and myself met to chat about aligning the Cordova 
and w3c specs.  We felt the best starting point was looking at the 
vibration spec as it "shouldn't change"... i.e. is pretty stable.  I put 
together a Google Doc identifying the 4 areas that will need to be 
addresses and will create the corresponding JIRA issues for Cordova to 
track their process. 

Please take a look at the doc and feel free to edit or add comments (for 
those of you who tried earlier and couldn't access the doc, it is now open 
to anyone with the link):

This is the first step at getting Cordova and w3c better aligned.  Dom and 
I plan on documenting the process so we can replicate the efforts across 
the other specs as well.


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Received on Monday, 9 June 2014 14:21:01 UTC