WebApp installation via the browser

I have a question about Use Cases for Installable WebApps located at

Under section "Add to Homescreen", the document states:

    ... giving developers the choice to tightly integrate their web
    applications into the OS directly from the Web browser is
    still somewhat new...

    ... [Installable WebApps] are different in that the
    applications are "installed" directly from the browser itself
    rather than from an app store...

It sounds like to me the idea is to allow any site on the internet to
become a app store. My observations are the various app stores provide
vendor lock-in and ensure a revenue stream. Its architected into the
platform. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and RIM likely *won't* give
up lock-in or the revenue stream (at least not without a fight).

Are there any platforms providing the feature? Has the feature gained
any traction among the platform vendors?

Thanks in advance.

Received on Saturday, 31 May 2014 00:40:45 UTC