[manifest] URL Scope and priorities, was Re: [manifest] Update and call for review

On May 27, 2014 at 9:19:45 AM, Ben Francis (bfrancis@mozilla.com) wrote:
> > I think a particular problem with having no defined scope for  
> apps is when you want to hyperlink from one web app to another.  
> A hyperlink with no specified target window will always open  
> in the browsing context of the current app, regardless of whether  
> the URL belongs to another app or web site. That means that the  
> level of browser chrome you get when following a hyperlink (as  
> well as the orientation of the page and the title and icon shown  
> in the task switcher etc.) depends on where you navigated from  
> rather than where you navigated to.
> I would like to see some way to define the scope to which an app manifest  
> applies, so that the user agent knows which URLs belong to which  
> apps and therefore what display properties to use for a given  
> URL.

I strongly agree that we need to prioritize: 

The CSP stuff is also pretty important. Would like to see that also prioritized above other things.  

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