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On 25/05/2014 20:40 , Piotr Koszuliński wrote:
>     Making some things unselectable might also be useful. IE has
>     unselectable, there's also -moz-user-select and friends. But this is
>     small fries for later I'd reckon.
> There are also nested non-editable islands. We built very important
> feature based on them - Currently we
> block their selection by preventing mousedown and we handle left/right
> arrows. But cancelling selectionchange would allow us to control more
> cases in a cleaner way.

I'd be curious to know what your take is on the best way to expose this. 
IE has an unselectable attribute, whereas Gecko and WebKit have a CSS 
property. In this thread we've been talking about using cancellable 
events for this (or if not cancellable, ones in which the selection can 
be modified on the fly).

On instinct I would tend to think that this not a great usage of CSS, 
it's much more tied to behaviour at a lower level. But it sort of is one 
of those borderline things (as many of the properties that initially 
came from the CSS UI module).

The scriptable option that we're consider is good in that it enables 
arbitrary cases, but it could be interesting to support a number of 
cases out of the box with a simpler (for developers) approach.

Let's imagine the following DOM:

<div contenteditable=minimal>
   <p>blah blah blah</p>
   <div class=widget unselectable>...</div>
   <p>blah blah blah</p>

If the cursor is at the beginning of the first p, you hold Shift, and 
click at the end of the second p, we could imagine that you'd get a 
Selection with two Ranges (one for each p) and not containing the 
unselectable widget. I *think* that's the most desirable default 
behaviour, and it's also one that can be pretty painful to control 
through script. In that sense an unselectable attribute would make 
sense. (I reckon that setting the widget to be cE=false would have the 
same effect, but it is nevertheless an orthogonal property.)


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