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On 27/05/2014 01:47 , Ben Peters wrote:
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>> On 26/05/2014 05:43 , Norbert Lindenberg wrote:
>>> Were any speakers of bidirectional languages in the room when
>>> this was discussed?
>> I don't know what languages the others speak. That said, my
>> recollection was that this was presented along the lines of "we've
>> had regular requests to support selecting text in geometric rather
>> than logical orders".
> I have also heard these requests from the bi-directional experts here
> at Microsoft. A single, unbroken selection is what we're told users
> want, and multi-selection makes this possible.

Thinking about this a little bit more: I don't imagine that the 
Selection API should prescribe the UI that browsers choose to support in 
order to select bidi text, on the contrary they should be allowed to 
innovate, experiment, follow various platform conventions, etc. But if 
we don't support multi-range selection, then only one model is possible 
which precludes unbroken selections.

I think that this strongly pushes in the direction of supporting 
multiple ranges.

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