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RE: CommandEvent for user intentions

From: Ben Peters <Ben.Peters@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 22:07:37 +0000
To: Julie Parent <jparent@gmail.com>
CC: Johannes Wilm <johannes@fiduswriter.com>, "public-webapps@w3.org" <public-webapps@w3.org>
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That is a great article! “A good WYSIWYG editor of arbitrary HTML is just as impossible as the halting problem is impossible... we have to treat it as an editor platform and API, rather than as a standalone component that tries to do everything itself.”

Let’s build a platform!

From: Julie Parent [mailto:jparent@gmail.com]

Have you seen the recent post about the rich text editor that Medium uses?  It is a somewhat cheeky essay, including a mathematical proof, about how contentEditable is broken.  The conclusion is that in order to move forward, we need to treat contentEditable as an API, rather than as a standalone component that tries to do everything itself.  It discusses the idea of an "edit intent API", which is very in line with this proposal for CommandEvents. https://medium.com/medium-eng/122d8a40e480

On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 11:51 AM, Ben Peters <Ben.Peters@microsoft.com<mailto:Ben.Peters@microsoft.com>> wrote:
Great to hear! I’m working on an explainer document that will be more descriptive than the short wiki docs I wrote a couple weeks ago. My thoughts on your questions should be made clearer there. I’ll update this thread by the end of the week with more details, and my initial thoughts are below.
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