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Hi Eduardo, all,

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> Hi all,
> Last week the Push API editors (AT&T, Telefónica) and other interested  
> parties (Mozilla, Google) met to progress this specification.

Just a gentle reminder that if you are having a meeting there needs to be  
an announcement of it. I don't want to stop people doing work - obviously,  
we encourage that happening and applaud members who take initiative to get  
things done.

But there is a process requirement, that you and your employer agreed to  
when joining the group. It isn't just a quid pro quo for the rest of us  
agreeing to go through a PAG if necessary. It is also based on an  
important legal requirement that standards be developed according to a  
fair process, to avoid being construed as engaging in anti-competitive or  
cartel behaviour.

And of course it is good manners.

As a quick reminder, the general notice times required are 1 week for a  
"distributed" telephone meeting (unless it is a regularly scheduled  
meeting) and 8 weeks for a physical meeting.

If you want to organise a meeting for a particular topic the chairs and  
staff contacts will be very happy to help, both to make sure we meet the  
process requirements and with any necessary logistics. The notice period  
is the only one likely to have any real impact, and there is a way to  
approve shorter notice if it is really necessary.

But I would ask people who want to organise a get-together that they  
provide the notice required by the Process, to ensure that "interested  
parties" in the working group have a fair opportunity to attend.



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