Re: [gamepad] Haptic Feedback/Controller Vibration

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 5:19 PM, Ted Mielczarek <> wrote:
> Spec'ing standard rumble motors that are found on all modern controllers
> seems sensible. Spec'ing a way to access a microphone/speaker that's
> present on a controller seems sensible. I think anything more complicated
> than that is likely out of scope.

 The gamepad API today supports Joysticks, Racing Wheels, Gamepads and a
variety of oddball devices. Do you want to restrict this to just gamepads?
If you do, you're still in trouble because:

   - The PS4 gamepad has a multi touch pad (up to 2 touches), a built in
   speaker and a configurable multicolor frontlight
   - The steam controller featured a multi touch pad and screen (not in the
   latest prototypes)
   - The Ouya controller has a single touch pad
   - The Razer Sabertooth comes with an integrated OLED screen

But even so, what do you want to end up with?

   - Jostick API
   - Racing Wheel API
   - Flight Simulator API
      - Sub API for pedals
      - Sub API for thrust quadrants
      - Sub API for instrument panels
      - Sub API for radio controls
      - Sub API for trim panel
      - Sub API for missile selection
      - Sub API for HUD knobs
   - Gamepad API
   - 3D mice API
   - Tablet API
   - Volume Knob API
   - Devices we don't know what they are yet API

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