[April2014Meeting] Seeking status and plans from Editors not attending meeting; deadline April 9

Hi All,

The people in the To: list are spec Editors that are not registered for 
WebApps' April 10-11 meeting. Since you _won't_ attend the meeting, I 
would appreciate it if you would please provide a short status, plans, 
expectations and such for your spec(s). In general: what are the major 
issues blocking the spec; implementation status; testing status; what 
can others do to help; plan for next Technical Report publication; etc. 
Here are the specs including more specific questions for a few:

* Clipboard: Hallvord;

* D3E: Travis and Gary; plan and expectations to get the spec back to 
LC; testing status

* DOM P&S: Travis; plan and expectations to get the spec back to LC

* File API: {Directories and System, Writer}; Eric

* Gamepad: Ted and Scott; plan and expectations to get the spec to 
feature complete state (aka Last Call) and implementation status

* Push API: Bryan and Eduardo; plan to address TAG feedback

* Quota: Kinuko

Please send your status by April 9 at the latest (and feel free to use a 
spec-specific Subject: such as [quota-api]).

If you are a spec Editor and _will_ attend the meeting, please feel free 
to provide your status info in advance of the meeting although you will 
have an opportunity to discuss your spec at the meeting.

-Thanks, AB

[PubStatus] <http://tinyurl.com/WebAppsWG-PubStatus>
[Bugs] <http://tinyurl.com/WebAppsWG-Bugzilla>

Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2014 11:06:40 UTC