Re: [custom elements] Improving the name of document.register()

I have seen registerProtocolHandler() and it's being discused
registerServiceWorker(). I believe registerElementDefinition() or
registerCustomElement() could help to keep going on this path.

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El 11/12/2013 21:10, "Edward O'Connor" <> escribió:

> Hi,
> The name "register" is very generic and could mean practically anything.
> We need to adopt a name for document.register() that makes its purpose
> clear to authors looking to use custom elements or those reading someone
> else's code that makes use of custom elements.
> Here are some ideas:
> document.defineElement()
> document.declareElement()
> document.registerElementDefinition()
> document.defineCustomElement()
> document.declareCustomElement()
> document.registerCustomElementDefinition()
> I like document.defineCustomElement() the most, but
> document.defineElement() also works for me if people think
> document.defineCustomElement() is too long.
> Ted
> P.S. Sorry for the bikeshedding. I really believe we can improve the
> name of this function to make its purpose clear.

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