Re: [manifest] orientation member

On Tue, Dec 3, 2013, at 15:48, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> My impression has been that the vast majority of apps only need a
> single orientation that is independent of media-query results. If
> that's the case, then I think the above is too complicated. I.e. if
> that is the common case, then we should support:
> "orientation": ["landscape"],
> or maybe even
> "orientation": "landscape",

I definitely agree with that. Though, we should allow both syntaxes
(array and string).
If we want a more complex system later, we could move to that. For the
moment, I think we should keep it simple. Also, when comparing how
applications handle landscape/portrait, it is worth considering how
common/easy it is to write responsive UI on the platform. iOS has a very
limited number of device sizes so I am not really surprised that iOS
applications try to optimize for some sizes (thus arbitrary ignore some
others). Is that common on Android? Would that be common using Web

On Tue, Dec 3, 2013, at 22:03, John Mellor wrote:
> Assuming @viewport is included in inline CSS in the <head> (which it
> needs
> to be anyway, so the preload scanner can evaluate media attributes and
> responsive images), then the UA will parse the @viewport before it starts
> painting anything. Is there any benefit to the UA knowing the orientation
> before it starts painting the page?

Not sure. Maybe if there are some bits of system UI, rotating that could
take longer than painting?

-- Mounir

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