Re: [screen-orientation] screen orientation angle

On Tue, Dec 3, 2013, at 16:13, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> So I could see apps wanting to lock to that orientation (like you
> pointed out, we found at least one example in Firefox OS).
> However I don't understand the use case of locking to 90/180/270
> degrees off of the "normal" orientation?
> Simply adding a "default" (or "hardware" or "normal") orientation seem
> to keep the API more consistent.
> I'd also be worried about introducing the same issues as
> window.orientation has. I.e. that people would come to expect that
> lockOrientation(90) would mean "lock to landscape".

I had in mind advanced use cases where an application might want to
rotate the screen. You can imagine four persons playing a game around a
tablet: the UI could switch when turn switches. I admit that it might be
a bit of a small UC but there is simply no way to make that kind of
things possible if we don't give angle relationship between

I agree that developers might end up doing lockOrientation(90) instead
of lockOrientation('landscape') but I am not sure if that risk is worth
killing a UC.

-- Mounir

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