[admin] F2F meetings in 2014

Hi All,

Although it appears the Technical Plenary and all WG meeting week for 
2014 is not formally scheduled, it is my understanding it will be in the 
Silicon Valley area at the end of October or early November. My 
recommendation (based on what I know now) is that WebApps should plan to 
participate in that event. Assuming this does happen, I'd like feedback 
on whether or not WebApps should have a f2f meeting before next Fall.

Among the open Qs are:

* Should we try to co-locate the meeting with any other W3C groups, and 
if so, which one(s)? (During the Shenzhen meeting, SysApps expressed 
interest in co-locating a f2f meeting with WebApps.)

* Should we try to schedule the meeting such that it intentionally 
overlaps or touches some other industry event(s)? (F.ex. we meet during 
the day and then gather at event X in the evening; we meet Tues+Wedn so 
that WG members can attend event Y on Thurs.)

* What dates are really bad (e.g. conflicts with important conferences, 
workshops, etc.)?

* What dates are especially good?

* Duration of the meeting. (I don't recall any f2f meetings longer than 
2 days and given our distributed/async work mode, 2 days seems appropriate.)

* Can your organization host the meeting?

* Rather than having a general f2f meeting, should we have one or more 
meetings that focus on a specific spec or "family of specs" (as Dimitri 
did with Web Components)? If so, what are the proposed topics?

Other comments and feedback are welcome, especially whether or not you 
support an "interim meeting".

-Thanks, ArtB

Received on Monday, 2 December 2013 15:50:45 UTC