Re: [screen-orientation] Locking to 'current' orientation

On 26 Nov 2013, at 18:49, Mounir Lamouri <> wrote:


> If 'current' is added, I wouldn't say that there is a race condition
> issue because if you lock to 'current' you do not really care about the
> actual orientation.
> This said, I do not think that 'current' is very useful from the JS API,
> it only saves a few characters.

I tend to agree. For the API that would be just syntactic sugar.

OTOH for the declarative manifest [1] that would be required — assuming there’s consensus the ‘lock to current orientation' UC should be addressed, and that the API and the manifest should share the same ‘allowed orientations’ string constants, defined in [2].

Given the data we gathered on 300 apps' orientation behaviour [3], it seems the UC is not that strong. Only the iOS task switcher behaves in such a way and with no obvious reason. It seems that for this advanced use case, developers should just use the API and query its .orientation property as Mounir hinted.



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