Re: [Bug 23853] Please clarify the interpretation of the WebIDL undefined Date in the File constructor

What's the purpose of the integer in the "lastModified" attribute?
Epoch time in (mili)seconds?

2013/11/28  <>:
> Arun <> changed:
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> --- Comment #25 from Arun <> ---
> Glenn: I've decided to re-open this bug (per Comment 19 and further) and I
> apologize if you feel that it was rushed through without discussion.  It didn't
> seem that big a leap (based on the es-discuss thread) to phase out a Date-based
> property, but on that account I could be wrong.
> I am very interested in information from implementers about lastModifiedDate,
> and whether they are comfortable about deprecating it in favor of the proposed
> "lastModified" which will have an integer type, not a Date object type.  If it
> cannot be removed or safely deprecated, then it should stay in the spec.  And
> by "stay in the spec" I think there will be now be two properties, since I
> don't think Date serves us as a readonly property, and having an integer
> alternative *that can rely on the Date API* for syntactic convenience isn't a
> bad trade-off.
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