Re: Polished FileSystem API proposal

> That's very interesting and useful, but I don't think it fits the same use
> case I was talking about.  I want the ability to create some object that
> exports an URL that I can put in an iframe.  Then all requests from that
> iframe for resources will dynamically call my javascript code.  I could
> implement the same logic that a server-side application does, but from local
> code in my browser.
That's just the purpose of ServiceWorker :-) Only that from your
message, I suspect you are asking about having the same functionality
but only on the current session or maybe also only when the page is
open, deleting it on reload. I don't know of anything like to this,
the most similar ones would be FirefoxOS Browser API or Chrome
FileSystem API, but nothing as powerful as ServiceWorker, sorry :-(
They are talking about implementing the Fetch specification, maybe you
would write them about allowing to be used someway the ServiceWorker
functionality on a per-session basis, I find legitimate your

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