Re: Polished FileSystem API proposal

On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 8:46 AM, <> wrote:

> > Yes.  I completely agree.  Personally in my projects, I wish there was to
> > create custom filesystems backed by JavaScript code that are exported to
> > hierarchical URLs.  It would work somewhat like server-side web
> development
> > where a js function handles the request for a file.  This is basically
> what
> > fuse does for Linux.
> >
> > I would love to be able to create a custom union filesystem that has
> layers.
> > One would be in-memory and another would be backed by a local bit
> database.
> > It would all be implemented in pure user space js.
> >
> Maybe you would be interested on ServiceWorkers
> They are currently being implemented on Firefox and Chrome.

That's very interesting and useful, but I don't think it fits the same use
case I was talking about.  I want the ability to create some object that
exports an URL that I can put in an iframe.  Then all requests from that
iframe for resources will dynamically call my javascript code.  I could
implement the same logic that a server-side application does, but from
local code in my browser.

My particular use case is I'm developing an IDE to teach programming and
would love to generate dynamic file systems that are then rendered in
iframes or new windows.

Having a better offline store than appcache is indeed useful, but I believe
it's orthogonal to what I'm looking for here.

Like Jonas said, "Use hierarchical filesystem: URLs" is exactly what I'm
looking for and currently I can only do this in chrome with their html5 fs
api.  But instead of creating a temporary filesystem and writing files, I'd
much rather if my code was called for every file request and I could
dynamically generate the files on demand.

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