Re: UNS: Re: [coord] Re: Request for Inter-Group Coordination at TPAC

Thanks, Art. This covers things, I believe. I look forward to seeing you
in person in China.


Arthur Barstow writes:
> Hi Janina,
> Thanks, let's consider this joint meeting confirmed.
> WebApps will have Zakim available for its Shenzhen meeting and we
> will use the #webpps IRC channel. The PIN (9274# / WAPI) and
> logistics are included in our agenda page <>.
> If Daniel and/or Peter (or other CSS people) want to join us, they
> are certainly welcome although it could be a little "tight".
> -Thanks, Art
> On 11/1/13 11:34 AM, ext Janina Sajka wrote:
> >Thanks, Art. That time will work. Are you able to teleconference in your
> >room? I would like to have James Craig, and possibly also Rich
> >Schwerdtfeger in on our conversation, and neither of them will be
> >physically in Shenzhen.
> >
> >
> >I'll leave it to James Craig to provide an example of what we propose to
> >move toward in our User Context module over the next few days. As he
> >notes in his separate email, this is new thinking for us, just approved
> >this week. I'm certain, though, James can have something for us in time
> >for our meeting.
> >
> >Janina Sajka, IndieUI Chair
> >
> >Arthur Barstow writes:
> >>[ + public-webapps ]
> >>
> >>Hi Janina, All,
> >>
> >>I added a 30 minute slot on Monday November 11 from 13:30-14:00
> >>(Shenzhen time). Unless I hear otherwise from you, I will assume
> >>this slot is OK and that we will meet in WebApps' meeting room.
> >>
> >>To help WebApps prepare for the discussion, I think it would be
> >>helpful if you would please provide some background information. For
> >>example, the URL of the "IndieUI User Context specification", the
> >>"proposal for a new way for user agents to restrict access to
> >>certain groups of media resources".
> >>
> >>-Thanks, Art
> >>
> >>On 10/31/13 3:39 PM, ext Janina Sajka wrote:
> >>>Dear Colleagues:
> >>>
> >>>The Independent User Interface Working Group (IndieUI) requests approximately
> >>>30 minutes of time to meet with CSS and Web Apps (jointly or separately) at
> >>>TPAC to acquaint your working groups with a new technical approach in IndieUI
> >>>specifications.
> >>>
> >>>The IndieUI User Context specification is moving away from a reliance on a new
> >>>accessor method for key/value pairs, and toward an extensive reliance on Media
> >>>Queries (new media features, and matchMedia) as the more appropriate approach
> >>>for specifying the features we need. To address privacy and fingerprinting
> >>>concerns, we will also be proposing a new way for user agents to restrict
> >>>access to certain groups of media features based on user preference. For
> >>>example, if a site referenced a media feature related to video captions (via
> >>>matchMedia or @media), the user agent may prompt the user to allow access for
> >>>the domain. We expect that significant portions of our emerging User Context
> >>>specification will overlap with work coordinated by the CSS or Web Apps Working
> >>>Groups.
> >>>
> >>>Therefore, we are requesting time with your group at TPAC to acquaint you with
> >>>our approach and to develop an understanding of how best we can move forward.
> >>>If possible, we would prefer a morning meeting time in order to more
> >>>conveniently teleconference our specification editor from North America.
> >>>
> >>>Thank you for your consideration.
> >>>
> >>>Janina Sajka, IndieUI Chair
> >>>


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