RE: [coord] Is there still a need for WebApps + SysApps meeting at TPAC?

Hi. Marcos.

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> On Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Nilsson, Claes1 wrote:
> > I want to say that we are interested in implementing the JSON manifest
> and also to discuss additions to the manifest. Content security policies
> have already been mentioned and we are looking at something similar to
>, which
> allows inclusion of content security policies to support secure hosted
> apps by defining schemes (https:) that are allowed to use for whitelisting
> secure origins from which scripts should be accepted.
> This is orthogonal to the manifest, as web apps can already do this.
> Adding this to the manifest would only be sugar to allow developers to
> tighten the CSP.
> > I would also like to better understand what a meta tag solution would
> mean.
> See:
> /Reference/SafariHTMLRef/Articles/MetaTags.html
> And:
> So, some standardized thing of the above (without the proprietary prefixes,
> of course).
> > However, as the manifest specification editor Marcos unfortunately is
> not able to participate in TPAC I am not sure on the most efficient way to
> discuss the manifest, a joint SysApps-WebApps session with Marcos calling
> in or a mailing list discussion.
> I’m happy to dial in, but would like to know specially what people want to
> discuss about it.
> > My main point is to stress our interest in the manifest specification
> and additions to it.
> >
> I think it’s more important to understand the use cases, and then we can
> evaluate if the manifest is the appropriate place to address those.

I think one of big benefit with manifest format is we can use hyperlink for that. User can install a web app with manifest format, no need to visit a site.  So manifest can provide more smooth way of installation to user. They can install apps via links in blogs, twitter, facebook, extra. What do you think?

Kr, Wonsuk.

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