Re: [webcomponents]: Allowing text children of ShadowRoot is a bad time

Good points. All you pointed out make sense to me.

But I am wondering what we should do for these issues:

A). Discourage developers to use direct text children of ShadowRoot.
B). Disallow direct text children of ShadowRoot in the Shadow DOM spec.
C). Find a nice way to style direct text children of ShadowRoot.

Did you mean B?

On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 2:46 AM, Elliott Sprehn <> wrote:

> Direct text children of ShadowRoot are full of sadness:
> 1) You can't call getComputedStyle on them since that's only allowed for
> Elements, and the old trick of parentNode doesn't work since that's a
> ShadowRoot. ShadowRoot doesn't expose a host property so I can't get
> outside to find the host style that's inherited either. If the ShadowRoot
> has resetStyleInheritance set then the text uses a "root default style",
> but I have no way to get that as well.
> 2) There's no way to set the style of the Text. Normally I can do
> = ...; but since ShadowRoot has no style property I
> have no way to influence the text of the ShadowRoot without dynamically
> changing a <style> element.
> 3) You can't use elementFromPoint(). It returns null since
> ShadowRoot.elementFromPoint should always return an element in that scope,
> but there is no element in that scope. This means you have no sensible way
> to do a hit test of the text in the shadow root.
> - E


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