Node.baseURI and Fragment Identifiers

In looking at [1], I don't see whether the baseURI property should contain
the fragment identifier.  I have noticed that WebKit based browsers remove
the fragment identifier and Firefox does not.

Specifically, when a document uses the 'base' element with a URI that
contains a fragment identifier, Firefox and WebKit will differ.  Who is

This (DOM Core) specification defers to other specifications which are not
referenced by [1].

Meanwhile, the base URI resolution of HTML5 defers to RFC 3986 (section 5)
and does not mention removing it.  In section 5.2, you'll see that the
fragment identifier is preserved (as would be expected).  Thus, it seems
that Firefox is right.


--Alex Milowski
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Received on Thursday, 14 March 2013 15:51:31 UTC