[IndexedDB] IDBKeyRange should have static functions

Hi all,

 From the examples in the IDB specification (in [1], for example) and 
from existing implementations, it appears that the functions on the 
IDBKeyRange interface (only, lowerBound, upperBound and bound) should be 
static. However, there is no actual normative requirement to that 
effect; instead, the IDL snippet requires those functions to only be 
callable on IDBKeyRange instances. [2]

If this is caused by a bug in ReSpec, I suggest that either ReSpec is 
fixed or the spec moves away from ReSpec to a tool that doesn't limit 
what can be specified. In any case, an insufficient tool can not be used 
as an excuse for an incorrect specification, and I doubt we could 
publish a Rec without this shortcoming being addressed.



Received on Monday, 21 January 2013 07:58:20 UTC