[IndexedDB] How to recover data from IndexedDB if the origin domain don't exist anymore?

Good point. You are right about the fact if you a server somewhere it's
fairly simple just to popula it, but if you don't have it I don't know what
would be a good solution. Maybe the problem is that I misconsidered the
posibility that databases can be removed at any time? IndexedDB is designed
just for remote server cache purposes? I know my use case (although real)
it's very extreme related to IndexedDB usage, but maybe others would be in
the same situation... Do you think it's better to do a local backup of the
database from time to time?

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>> Ideas? Doubts? Comments? :-)
> The use case here is not compelling enough for this amount of complexity.
> IndexedDB is not guaranteed to be persistent so you can't really have a
> server-less webapp if you want reliability.  Once you have server-side
> state there's no point in jumping through all these hoops if you switch
> domains, just repopulate the DB from the server.
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