Re: [PointerLock] Should there be onpointerlockchange/onpointerlockerror properties defined in the spec

On 1/10/13 1:19 PM, Vincent Scheib wrote:
> The pointer lock specification intentionally mimics the fullscreen
> specification to provide consistency for developers, as they are similar
> and expected to be commonly used in the same apps. Neither specification
> mention event properties.

But HTML5 mentions onfullscreenchange/onfullscreenerror.  Right now it 
only puts it on window/body/frameset, but not on document or any other 
node.  See that I 
filed earlier today.

> Mozilla and Chrome implement
> document.on<prefix>fullscreenchange
> document.on<prefix>fullscreenerror
> document.on<prefix>pointerlockchange
> document.on<prefix>pointerlockerror

Mozilla currently puts these properties on all HTML elements and on 
Document and Window, for what it's worth.

> Pending agreement to add properties to the fullscreen specification, I
> agree this should be included in the specification.



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