Re: File API "oneTimeOnly" is too poorly defined

On 29.3.2012 9:29, Darin Fisher wrote:
> I've never been terribly happy with createObjectURL and the 
> requirement for
> folks to remember to call revokeObjectURL.  I really like that we're 
> talking
> about ways to minimize this pain :-)
> I noticed the WeakRefs proposal:
> It also makes use of the micro-task concept, and it does so to avoid 
> revealing
> details about garbage collection.
> What if we were to adopt a similar approach here.  Instead of 
> introducing a
> second parameter to createObjectURL, what if createObjectURL returned a
> WeakObjectURL object instead of a String object?  WeakObjectURL could
> be converted to a String to reveal the Blob URL.
> Suppose WeakObjectURL if retained would keep the Blob URL valid.  Else,
> when WeakObjectURL gets deleted, its Blob URL would remain alive up
> until the next micro-task.
> Crazy idea?  Too crazy?
> I agree that it is valuable to define "dereference" points for APIs 
> that receive
> Blob URLs.
> -Darin
So the WeakObjectURL would exists as long as Blob exists?

//so this function will automatically GC Blob, URL object and the url 
string itself would be reference to 'nothing' (since blob does not 
exists anymore)?
function fileInputOnChange()
    var blob = this.files[0];
    var url = blob.getWeakObjectURL();
    document.getElementById('firstImage').src = url;

//so this function will not automatically GC Blob nor URL object and the 
url string will be still pointing to that Blob?
var blob  = MyGlobalFiles[0];
function loadBlob(blob)
    var url = blob.getWeakObjectURL();
    document.getElementById('firstImage').src = url;

//and when I remove any reference to that blob, all will be GC and 

that sounds interesting and probably like one of the best idea in this 
long discussion....


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