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Le 9 mars 2012 à 19:43, SULLIVAN, BRYAN L a écrit :
> This is different from the earlier discussion on extending SSE to connectionless event sources, as there's no assumption the Webapp is running in this case. If the Webapp *is* running, it's within the scope of what we have discussed earlier as SSE extensions (and not technically a "wakeup").

If I understood the use case, it means that 

1. the device is addressable (except for customers with a subscription to a Mobile Operator, not sure how we would do that. Any ideas? Maybe on local network that would be feasible but doesn't answer the use case it seems.)
2. the software is addressable (more than one software able to process a specific request. Think about Opera and Firefox on the same device.)
3. that also requires a strong authentication system

I can see the appeal, but I balance it with spam at large scale too.
The UX model of SSE is that the user is still initiating the call.

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