Re: [FileAPI] Deterministic release of Blob proposal

On 3/6/12 5:12 PM, Feras Moussa wrote:
>> >
>> >  frameRef.src = URL.createObjectURL(blob);
>> >  blob.close() // method name TBD
>> >
>> >  In my opinion, the first (using xhr) should succeed.  In the second, frameRef.src works,
>> >  but subsequent attempts to mint a Blob URI for the same 'blob' resource fail.  Does this
>> >  hold true for you?
> We agree that subsequent attempts to mint a blob URI for a blob that has been closed
> should fail, and is what I tried to clarify in my comments in 'section 6'.
> As an aside, the above example shows navigation to a Blob URI - this is not something we
> Currently support or intend to support.

Then let's try this again.

var a = new Image();
a.onerror = function() { console.log("Oh no, my parent was neutered!"); };
a.src = URL.createObjectURL(blob);

Is that error going to hit?

var a = new Worker('#');

Is that blob going to make it to the worker?


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